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Because our teeth are susceptible to various degrees of damage, there is a need for a variety of options for restoration. Our approach is to act as conservatively as possible in every scenario. When a filling, inlay, or onlay is insufficient for total repair of a damaged tooth, a dental crown will be the most suitable treatment.

Crowns completely cover a damaged tooth to restore the structure needed for chewing. A crown may be recommended to repair a cracked filling, for use with a dental bridge, to cover a dental implant, or to restore function after root canal therapy. There are several options to choose from, as crowns can be fabricated from a number of materials.

Gold crowns

For decades, gold has been one of the most efficient materials for dental restorations. In fact, gold was one of the first materials used for dental fillings and crowns. In our appearance-oriented society, the use of gold for dental restorations has diminished, but gold is still one of the top choices of dentists.

Though a gold crown comes at a higher up-front cost than other crowns, there are benefits that make the gold crown a more cost-effective option. Gold is biocompatible, causing little to no irritation of gum tissue; it is also very similar to natural enamel in expansion and contraction. This means that a gold crown can be more precisely made, and will maintain optimal fit for many years. Many people who have received gold crowns, fillings, or other restorations have them for life.

A variety of options

While porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are widely used, and available in our North Miami dental practice, Dr. Fain is well versed in the placement of metal-free, all-ceramic dental crowns. Working with your dentist, you will be given the information you need to make a confident decision on the type of dental crown best suited to your situation.

Dental crowns are a viable solution for the ultimate repair of a damaged tooth. On front teeth, we will use a non-metal crown to preserve the most natural appearance. For back teeth, options for gold, metal alloy, or metal-free crowns, can be discussed, based on the strengths of each type of material.


When you look at yourself in the mirror, you should love the smile that you see. When you do, you can share this part of yourself with others with confidence. Missing teeth impact your smile and may make you hide it behind your hand, or cause you to smile less. Confidence in your appearance can be restored by replacing a lost tooth or teeth with a dental bridge. Confidence, however, is just one of the reasons, replacing missing teeth is important.

The mouth contains a specific number of teeth, creating the structure necessary for chewing and for facial contours. When even a single tooth is missing, other teeth will shift, leading to bite problems over time. Shifting teeth can also create further spacing problems that negatively impact your smile. Beyond the smile, our teeth also provide support for the lips and cheeks. Missing teeth often leads to the facial structure sinking in.

Keeping your smile healthy and beautiful is possible with the options available for tooth replacement. Ideally, a lost tooth would be replaced with a dental implant, the only permanent form of restoration. The dental bridge, used for many decades, is still a viable option for tooth replacement.

Most commonly, a dental bridge is fixed, containing two dental crowns with a pontic (artificial tooth) in between. This appliance is anchor teeth to accommodate the crowns. Through this restoration, the smile will look beautiful and function well.

Dental bridges are fabricated from high quality materials that look natural and provide the durability needed for chewing. This restoration can last for years, and is easy to maintain with brushing, careful flossing, and regular dental visits.

We want you to find your ideal option for the replacement of a tooth or teeth. To devise your personalized treatment plan, Dr. Fain will discuss your options and listen carefully to your concerns and goals.

Contact our North Miami office to restore full function and beauty to your smile.

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