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12 countries, nine dentists....and Dr. Fain rates as #1.....best dentist I have ever been to and I have been to a lot of them....also the hygenist that cleans is a wonder.....Great service, no two hour wait (actually less than 15 minutes with a packed waiting room), and totally painless.....even the injection. Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Fain.
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Teeth Whitening

North Miami Teeth Whitening

North Miami Teeth Whitening - Couple Smiling
One of the quickest and most convenient ways to transform the appearance of a smile is with professional in-office teeth whitening, which we provide in our North Miami dental practice. The teeth contain tiny pores in which miniscule particles lodge when we eat or drink certain foods and beverages, or engage in habits like smoking. This is why you may notice your smile loses its luster. Even the aging process can leave the teeth dull. The good news is you can revamp your smile with just a treatment or two.

We offer various options in teeth whitening.

Zoom! Whitening

North Miami Teeth Whitening - Zoom! Whitening
For several years, the Zoom! Whitening method has been a popular choice for cosmetic rejuvenation. At Fain Dental Arts, we use Zoom2! a new and improved version of the original. Zoom2! speeds up the whitening process by over 30 percent, and cuts sensitivity by more than 65 percent! While you sit comfortably in our office, your teeth will be lightened several shades in about an hour.

North Miami Teeth Whitening - KöR TextDeep BleachingTM - An Innovative Teeth Whitening System

North Miami Teeth Whitening - KöR Deep Bleaching™
Every person is different, so why shouldn't there be multiple options for teeth whitening? Products like Zoom! are extremely effective in most circumstances, however, there are times when even this highly successful treatment is not enough. If teeth are severely stained, such as with the use of certain antibiotics, a more powerful approach is needed.

North Miami Teeth Whitening - KöR whitenning Smiling
Fain Dental Arts is among the first in the North Miami area to offer the innovative KöR Deep Bleaching System. KöR has been proven safe and effective for treating even the most stubborn stains, producing an amazing transformation from discoloration to brilliant white. If you have tried other whitening systems without attaining the dazzling smile you want, KöR might be the ideal option for you.

In-office whitening may not be for every patient, but everyone deserves to feel great about his or her smile. For those who want to whiten at home, over the course of a few weeks, we make customized trays right here in our lab, and provide the supplies and directions to facilitate this process.

Getting a whiter smile is safe and effective when working with your dentist. Contact us to schedule your teeth whitening session today.

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