Emergency Dentist in North Miami, FL

It can be terrible to have a dental emergency and feel like you have no place to turn. At Fain Dental Arts, we want you to know that we are always available to address your emergency. 

In some cases, we may recommend that you come into our office immediately; in others, we can advise you on how to handle your situation until a more convenient time. 

Dental Emergencies We Handle

But how do you know which is which? If you feel like you are having an emergency, don’t spend a moment wondering which category you fall into. If a situation feels like an emergency to you, we want to know about it!

Call our office with your concern, and we will guide you to take proper steps until we can see you. We arrange our schedule to make time for emergencies, so we can usually see you the same day.

Knocked-Out Tooth:

This is the most critical of all dental emergencies. If you had a tooth knocked out during sports or as a result of an accident, we have only a few hours to successfully reinsert it back in its socket. 

First, call us or have a friend call right away to let us know what’s happening. Handle the tooth by the crown only, and take care not to touch the root or any attached tissue. Keeping the root moist is critical, so place it in a container of milk, water, or even saliva if necessary until you get safely to our office.

Severe Pain:

Another emergency that needs immediate attention is severe tooth pain that makes it difficult to function. Our first priority is to provide you with relief as quickly as possible. But this type of pain is also an indication that something serious is happening with your oral health as in the case of an infected root canal. For relief until you can see us, you can try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or use a cold compress on and off your face for 20-minute intervals.

Some emergencies are less critical but still need attention as soon as possible:

Lost crown or filling:

Both situations are annoying, but if you are not in pain, you may not need to stop what you’re doing and run to our office. Keep the crown safe until you get to our office because we can often cement it back on the tooth. A lost filling will need to be replaced, however.

Mild toothache:

Tooth pain is always an indication of a problem, but if you are feeling a mild twinge of pain, you may be able to wait a day to see us. Call us and let us know what’s happening so we can get you on the schedule as quickly as possible. Try ibuprofen or a cold compress for pain relief.

Please Don't Hesitate to Call Us!

We would always rather take your call than have you suffer needlessly. Please call your North Miami emergency dentist at (305) 891-2621, and we will make arrangements to see you as soon as possible. If it is after hours, call this number and follow instructions for emergency contact.