General Dentist in North Miami, FL

As a general family practice, the professional team at Fain Dental Arts provides comprehensive dental care for all ages. We focus on protecting and maintaining your oral health and are proud to help our patients enjoy beautiful, problem-free smiles.

One of the aspects we enjoy most about serving our diverse clientele is the opportunity to build strong relationships. Getting to know you helps us understand what is important to you so we can provide your family with the personalized care you want and deserve.

We understand that visiting the dentist can be difficult for some people, so we do everything we can to put you at ease. From the moment you enter our office until you leave with a healthier smile, our focus is entirely on you and your unique needs.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

We are pleased to treat family members of all ages and with a variety of needs. Practicing good oral health habits is important at any age, but it’s best to start as early as possible. We begin seeing children around age six to help them establish a healthy oral health care routine that will carry over into adolescence and adulthood.

Dental Exams and Dental Cleanings

If you want to ensure healthy smiles for your family, you must practice proper prevention including good oral hygiene and visits to Fain Dental Arts every six months.

Even if your teeth feel fine now, you may have problems developing deep inside your teeth. Routine dental exams allow us to catch conditions in their earliest stages when they are small and easy to treat.

During your routine appointments, we use technology like digital x-rays, which give us a detailed view of what’s happening inside your teeth. Intraoral cameras provide a real-time view of your teeth so you can see what your dentist sees when he looks in your mouth. We share this information with you because we know it’s easier to understand why treatment is needed when you can see for yourself what’s happening.

During your routine cleaning appointments, our hygienist cleans your teeth thoroughly to remove harmful plaque and tartar that could lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Solutions for Damaged Teeth

If you get a cavity or a tooth is damaged or lost, we need to take care of it quickly to prevent further damage and protect your smile.

A dental filling repairs damage caused by tooth decay or wear and tear and restores function so you can chew comfortably. Different materials are available depending on your needs, including natural-looking tooth-colored fillings that create an invisible repair.

If a tooth has extensive damage or decay, we can recommend a crown to protect it from further breakage and restore function. We use dental bridges with dental crowns to replace missing teeth.

Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible is important to restore your appearance and your ability to eat, speak, and chew comfortably. We are pleased to offer customized full and partial dentures that look so natural no one will suspect they are not your own teeth.

Please Call Us to Learn More

If you are looking for a general dentist in North Miami who provides you with top quality oral care in a supportive and fun environment, please call Fain Dental Arts at (305) 891-2621. We look forward to meeting you and your family to show you how uncomplicated dental care can be.