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At what age do you start seeing children?

We like to start seeing children at age six, but we are always happy to see your younger child if you have a concern.

At this age, your child has most of their baby teeth, making it a perfect time to start monitoring their development. Baby teeth may seem unimportant since they will come out anyway. But these have several important jobs – they act as a guide for permanent teeth that will follow, they allow your child to start eating solid foods, and they aid in proper speech development.

In addition to monitoring your child's oral health, these early visits help your child get used to being in a new environment filled with strange-looking machines and unfamiliar faces. Our first goal is to create such a positive and enjoyable experience for them that they see dental visits as an exciting adventure.

We will never attempt to treat a child who is not ready because this will only result in further anxiety for them. If we find your child is having difficulty sitting still, we may refer you to a pediatric dentist whose office is specially equipped to address children’s unique needs.

If your child is ready for their first visit or you have concerns about their oral health or development, please call Fain Dental Arts to arrange a time to stop by and say hello!

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