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I just cracked a tooth. What should I do?

Cracked or broken teeth are dental emergencies that should be treated as soon as possible, so please call Fain Dental Arts right away to let us know what’s happening. We’ll get you on our schedule right away, usually the same day.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to keep the area clean
  • Reduce swelling and pain by using a cold compress on the affected side.
  • Avoid chewing in the area of the cracked tooth to prevent further damage.
  • Gather any tooth fragments and bring them with you to your appointment.

Seeing us right away is crucial if you want to prevent further damage to the tooth that may require more costly and complicated treatment to correct. In many cases, our Miami dentists can save a cracked or broken tooth with additional procedures like placing a crown to protect it. If the crack is severe or if the tooth hurts, other treatment may be required.

At Fain Dental Arts, we make your emergency a priority. We are open five days a week and have extended morning and evening hours on Tuesdays, and we always reserve time in our schedule for emergency appointments. Please call us so we can provide the relief you need!

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