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Do you perform wisdom tooth extraction?

At Fain Dental Arts, our goal is to preserve the structure of your smile by ensuring that all your teeth stay healthy.  Tooth extraction, in general, is never our first choice, but wisdom teeth come with their own set of problems, frequently making removal the best solution.

If you wonder what wisdom teeth do, the answer is that they no longer serve any real purpose. Also known as third molars, they are a leftover from ancient times when our ancestors had to consume coarse foods like leaves, twigs, and seeds. Wisdom teeth provided the extra chewing surface needed to grind up these foods.

But today, with access to processed foods, we don’t need all that chewing power. And since wisdom teeth are far back in your mouth, it can be difficult to clean them thoroughly, which can result in decay or gum disease. Finally, our jaws have gotten smaller, so wisdom teeth often don’t have room to erupt correctly. They can cause crowding of neighboring teeth, or worse yet, wisdom teeth can become stuck (impacted) in your jaw.

For these reasons, we generally recommend removal of wisdom teeth before they create problems. Our highly skilled and experienced dental team can perform the great majority of wisdom tooth extractions here at Fain Dental Arts, but we will refer you if we think a specialist would be appropriate for your needs.

If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, please call North Miami dentist Dr. Sylvan Fain to arrange a convenient appointment.

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