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My wisdom tooth hurts. How can you help me?

Wisdom teeth are a throwback to ancient times when our ancestors needed a lot of chewing power to navigate a rough diet of twigs, bark, and nuts.

However, our jaws have gotten smaller over time, and today most adults don’t have enough space for wisdom teeth to erupt properly. This causes crowding which puts the alignment of neighboring teeth at risk. And because wisdom teeth are so far back in the mouth, proper hygiene is difficult or impossible. When you can’t clean wisdom teeth thoroughly, it puts you at a greater risk for decay and gum disease.

Since wisdom teeth no longer serve a practical purpose, and because they typically cause more trouble than it’s worth to keep them, extraction is often the best solution.

If you need a tooth extraction in Miami, you can trust the team at Fain Dental Arts to provide you with the gentle, compassionate care you need. If anxiety is an issue for you, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer comforting nitrous oxide sedation.

Don’t let problematic wisdom teeth threaten your oral health. Please call our office so our doctors can evaluate your situation and let you know if extraction is in your best interest.

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